Why Shouldn't I ?


Why shouldn't I??
    Let my heart to fly,
To reach you before none...
To make you smile,
    When I am gone...
Why shouldn't I???
Why shouldn't I
    Say I like you??
Why shouldn't I
   Say I love you??
Why shouldn't I???
Maybe it is true that,
"Love is like an hour glass,
The brain empties as the heart fills up"
But it is not the time,
To give up...
Why should I???


  • The whole poem is very beautiful….. especially “Love is like an hourglass,
    The brain empties as the heart fills up”. So true. Loved the feel while reading it. Keep writing.

    Poonam Devi
  • when everyone is writing
    why shouldn’t I?
    when everybody is living
    why shouldn’t I?
    Am I dead when I can’t understand
    why shouldn’t I!

    Parvez Ahmed
  • “But it is not the time to give up, then why should I?”
    Afterall, these are the lines that help keep the hope alive…. beautiful stuff really.

    Sreejon Mazumdar
  • Thank you guys for reading and inspiring me for writing. @Devyan , Priyanka, Jun, Bishaldeep. Keep supporting ☺️

    Jay Debnath
  • Thank you puspita paul for your love and support… ☺️

    Jay Debnath
  • Lines are so touchy..
    Keep it up..

    Bishaldeep Kakati
  • “Don’t be sorry for loving the way only your heart knows…” Incredible lines and an amazing meaning. Looking forward to read more of your work. Good luck.

    Jun Mehta
  • It’s really wonderful jay

    Priyanka borah
  • Keep it up roommate. I’m proud of you

  • Nice lines…. Keep it up. Keep on writing such awesome lines which always touches the heart of your near and dear ones.

    Puspita Paul

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