Why Peace Left

By Prarthana Devi



My Dear People, here I am your beloved Peace;

Beloved because you always said so and I believed you indeed.

You see from the start we loved each other immensely;

Your touch, your breath I could feel everything so gently.

I loved how you always took care of me and how you always wanted me to be there with you;

How we used to be enough for each other wanting no one else to be there between us two.

I miss you and our home;

I miss how it was always me to complete you as a whole.


I built a house for us to live with droplets so pure and fresh air for you to breathe;

I build a roof strong and sturdy to let love circulate beneath.

A house where prevailed calmness and tranquillity;

Where we made our own song of harmonious melody;

A house where prevailed silence but not out of fear;

A silence needed to listen to our heartbeats whenever we sat near.

I miss those long walks without any hurry in our very own garden;

 A garden surrounded by hills, valleys, rivers, oceans and our smiles without any thoughts of burden.


I was happy and I know your were happy too;

But suddenly things stopped when Greed entered without any sign or clue.

You started loving her more and eventually forgot about me;

Without even knowing how things were going to be.

You kept on saying that you love me and you want only me to be there with you,

But your actions didn’t match your words and unknowingly you gave me long Adieu.

You let Greed enter our house and I didn’t have anywhere to go;

Because it was my home that I built for us where I thought our love would grow.

She tried to chase me away and you being blind in her love couldn’t see it.

I cried and I screamed but I am not someone who would easily quite.


Days, months and years passed I kept waiting for you to see,

But baby it ached so badly because you left me without even setting me free.

I kept sitting there right in the corner and watched how Greed destroyed everything in front of my eyes;

I wanted to stop her but she grew stronger as you were by her side.

I was hoping still for you to see until the day I saw selfishness growing in you;

And I realised you were not mine anymore when I saw you becoming like Greed too.

You destroyed my trees and polluted my rivers to make better changes for Greed;

But you forgot that no house can be made of love without your darling Peace.

Wars and weapons and blood filled rivers, you made me see things that I never imagined;

And one fine day I decided to leave, decided to stop waiting for you to fix things.


Don’t tell me that you love me that you want me, don’t tell me because I know it is a lie;

If you wished for my existence you could hold me and hug me and never say goodbye.

We could sit together and spend more days together and be with each other forever;

We could let each other grow together and help each other to become wiser.

I could read you a thousand books of love, of beauty and of benevolence;

I could hold your hand and teach you simply how to dance.

I could make your every moment magical but you never cared;

And slowly and slowly Greed took away our house of love and I started getting scared.

That is why I left a note for you to read,

A note where I said, ‘I quite’.


I walked towards the door to leave you forever and let you live with your dear Greed;

When suddenly I heard your voice so sweet but one filled with too many guilt.

You started walking towards me and you asked me not to leave;

When you realised that Greed left nothing good for you and broke all your beliefs.

 I was happy for I could see in you, no more anger no more hate;

But my love I could stay with you but you came a little late.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Peace'

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  • Wonderful flow of the poem 😊

    Chandan K. Chakraborty

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