Who says, I am not happy!

Sakina Husain

Who says, I am not happy!
Of nothing, I am deprived.
A palatial duplex villa
abutting top brand German cars
are my top reasons of pride.
Others to add on list-
a welcoming teakwood door
With an overhead guardian CCTV,
A sweet voiced home manager 'Alexa'
And a carved oak wood dining set
which without fail remains full of delicacies,
A bottle of crisp white spritzer wine accompanies me everytime at meal,
A Denmark cigar lits along as on social media I chill.
From patronising a million dollar painting
to buying an imported crystal chandelier
I always found a great deal.
And lately, my new found PUBG passion keeps up escalating the thrill.
The bed of latex foam mattress get me a sound sleep
And a handcrafted Tiffany lampshade
scattering positivity makes my evil erotic emotions recede.
The best surround sound home theatre makes my mind soothe,
And my saviour series 5 smartwatch schedules me without even an ache in the tooth.
a personal instructor and equipped home gym,
stylish wardrobes enclosing classy clothings,
highly-paid helpers, drivers, guards and maids
sky-touching profiting businesses and trade.
an air-conditioned office, a padded swivel chair
For all the struggles I made,
I find myself deserving for this posh care.
So, now with hardly any desire
where do you feel I have space
for stupid relations to hire.
Yes, but if there's available
an exorbitant one for sale
I will buy that also
and add into my exclusive empire.

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