Who am I?

Shairy Gupta

They wondered to ask me who am I?
I was niether afraid to tell nor shy,
To know exactly who am I?
Let me take you to the journey of "Mine"!

In heavenly beauty of this universe,
A girl was born,
To reveal the life's Secret,
Every bit of her sense was adorned,
Ready to unfold life's truth,
She was designated as a unicorn;

She grew too fast as the time passed,
The lie of life could not long last,
Accepting the bitter reality,
Realising life has its own cruelity.

To leave your impresssion,
You should follow your passion,
Passion she left behind,
To fulfill other gaps of responsibility she was assigned!

An apple of everyone's eye,
Soon left them, to fly high,
In search of her dream,
She dived in an uncalculated stream;

She has goals to achieve,
But could not perceive,
Failures never spared her but she never eloped,
Life always gives a second chance this was the hope!

Topsy- turvied her world,
When she came out of a disney world;
Crying in a corner but pretends to be happy,
Someone can see those tears none but her MOMMY and DADDY!

To balance between what is right and wrong,
She has to fight herself lifelong,
Maturity drips from her acumen though she was young,

But every dawn has a sunrise,
She soon realised,
Life experieces set her free,
She was now more like a sizzling tree;

The water is still flowing,she can swim,
She got her way and no more grim,
Life is like a mirror you see what you are;
Wait for your turn this "TIME" is bizarre,

She needs no introduction,
She knows herself well;
To let know the outer world,
She set a tale.

A tale of life which will create history;
Her name would be remebered when there would be a mystery,
Writing is her sword which is an art,
Engraved would be her name in people's heart!

Now I can tell you who am I ?
With open heart and twinkling eyes,
Standing infront of you is an empowered girl whom you can't defy,
This life is meaninful never say GOODBYE!

Then take a pause and just look into my EYES!

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