Where is peace found?

By Winnie Wilson
Peace is where a child 
Sleeps on his mother's lap,
Embracing her love, or 
His father's chest, where
His lullaby is the heartbeat.
Peace is where a ten-year-old
Brings stars either in his
Test papers or the notebook,
And more peace is obtained as
Smiles and good statements come.
Peace is where a teenager
Makes his parents proud 
By being the topper of
The section, with him
Choosing his subject stream.
Peace is where a student in college
Has a good time with
His friends and his love,
Where he gets to manage 
His relationships and academics.
Peace is where an adult
Gives his first salary
To his mother and father,
Without spending a single
Penny, for himself.
Peace is where an employee
Works with his whole heart,
Which is reflected in his works,
Getting to show that happiness
To all of em surrounding him.
Peace is where an infant
Is born safe, without any 
Casualties for both,
The lil one and the mother,
Giving the father a smile.
Peace is where the mother
Sees her entire family
Satisfied with the meal she
Prepared by spending her
Day, with love and care.
Peace is where a parent
Gets happy for any success
Of his young ones, that too,
With the struggles and hardships
Getting along in the way.
Peace is where an elder person
Finds it when he's well-fed
By his family, by taking
A good care of his health.
Peace is where a pet owner
Feeds his loving pet, at the 
Right time, and considering it
As the part of his family, enjoying
Every step of it's growth.
Peace is where a pet find
By sleeping near its owner.
And when it comes to canines,
It can be seen in their eyes,
A wide grin and a wagging tail.
Peace is when a stranger
Smiles at you, secretly wishing
A good day for you, as 
Well as for him, which leads to
A great optimistic day.

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