Where are you?

By Neha Khanna

I saw you standing over there,

As I just turned around,

but then I saw none,

And heard no sound


I saw a stranger at your place,

The rock if you ask me

To describe the state


Promised to never lose me,

And you yourself got lost,

What a strange scenario it is,

I tried my best to search you within the frost


Got to tell you so many things,

Got to know from you

That why a stranger holding your place,

Where are you?


Distances broadened,

Communication narrowed,

But I lost the gem,

The pain I swallowed


Is it too far where you went?

Can’t you come just for a while?

I will not let you go again, I will

Not let that smile to fade


Light years away are you?

Or the stars are your curtains?

Never knew I felt so strong

About you, where are you?




These are the words I use for the stranger,

The stranger is frozen from inside,

Not at all like you,

Why you made him to act like you?


Come out with your sword,

And with a knot.

To cut the loose ends,

To tighten the knot


But all this can happen

If its you,

Even though I don’t know,

Where are you?


  • very nicely written.

  • I got transfixed reading your poem. Reader could relate easily as you have used simple rhyming verses.

  • Emotionally provocative piece. Much respect to your honest poetry.


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