When Too Many Chemicals Scorned my Brain

By Prateek Joshi

Sigh! I still am stigmatised by the vapid rumours that hit me
By nature, the humour that seduced me had me into apology
The heart struck with chimes from nowhere, nobody to be found
I entered a stare contest with one of God's nastiest forms
Whims and whips had me ringing to the bones
Like scurrying my empty brain for want of some known
Nothing still had guessed to guile me
I was surrounded by vapors - ones who tied me
My skin harked off to touch the beguiled blur in memory
I was sitting idle at 3 O' clock in the morning.
I had boarded the white train earlier; this time it had me on its trail
Like letters were seeing me, guessing if I'll find my way
Trucking on the borders of the conscious, hammered and bombed
A blue unhinged bum weeping peeled skin rather than tears to stall
An impatient nautch slashed against the wall, tempering to tickle
It felt like a battering ram hitting against my will from some other dimension
Was the dust swirling into existence a new found God?
Could the temptation to touch the earth had brought to halt?
And was the instant when blood was thicker than mud a call?
Death had me in arms as its bride; that's all I can settle for.


  • @Kashif It is supposed to draw the reader away from the mainframe of the poem and indulge in the confusions that rest with the poet.
    @Nishta Yeah.. It kind of drew me into it. Nothing like I fancy these words.
    @ Tavleen Thank you!

  • Very original. Loved the imagery of the poem. I think it would be even better without the end rhymes, as they seem rather forced and cramp the sentences of the poem.

    Kashif Ilyas
  • “A blue unhinged bum weeping peeled skin rather than tears to stall” good Lord!

  • Amazing work!

    Tavleen Kaur

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