When It Happened

Nithin Prasad

This moment,
It demanded,
With the punch of divine authority,
As beyond the gate,
An opportunity did await,
To string the mighty bow
Whose arrows aim for Sita's heart,
A chance to build a bridge,
With bricks of hope,
To blissful love
To a timeline unwritten.

When fate stood still,
Drenched in suspense,
Gazing with bated breath,
The pivotal step,
Bound in importance,
Was not taken,
For in the heat of that moment,
As fumes of a flaming passion thickened,
Courage concluded that its strength had evaporated.

A brooding heart turned into heavy rock
It sank beneath despair at the thought of being scorned,
With no sermons this time to paint a way for Arjun,
The consequence was a state of unconquerable hesitation.

A donkey bereft of its spine cannot
Take upon itself the burden of failure,
It would rather retreat into daydreams of what-if's,
Fantasies on repeat that don't create ripples,
Plagued with shame in self-imposed exile,
Whether this meekly fall had its witnesses,
Fearful of the laughter
Possibly lurking outside
With fangs of taunt,
The gate was never crossed.

In time,
Two souls,
Their destinies at a fork in the road,
Left this world for others of their own.

What could have been,
It will never happen.

If only I had known.

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