when I woke up...

Nithya Mariam John 

there was a dream at the back of my head
when I met you.

I was very young.

after beaches, hotels,
bedrooms, bathtubs,
cold icecreams, hot vadas, cold 'n hot coffee,

slowly at the back of my tongue I tasted you.

And I started growing old.

before I met you
I dreamt colours, kites, skies, seas, forests and butterfly wings, and
now I dream
black and white pictures of the past
peopled with lies and deception.

before i met you, I dreamt that my dreams would someday be a poem;
but now,
after living a nightmare,
my dreams adorn the beds,
like millions of sleeping beauties,
over dressed in flowing gowns,
eyes closed,
in upturned castles,
reaching the abyss,


  • And now it has become a poem….and what a lovely poem! Good one, Nithya!

    Phiona Joshy
  • This is deep! It takes time to come out.

  • Beautiful poem. Loved the way it communicates

    Sangeetha aar
  • A gentle poem that reaches the depth of our heart and very calm and beautiful expression 😊

    Krishna Saju

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