What Will People Say?

By Vishika Tripathi
Before any decision,
At the end of the day.
I ask myself,
What will people say?
Will they approve?
Or condemn and complain?
Tell me that I'm right?
Or am I in vain?
Like there opinion shaped,
My personality and my choices.
Their comments haunted me,
Me and all of my hushed voices.
And yet again when the day was over,
And in my silent bed I lay.
I ask myself before any decision,
What will people say?
And soon when the end was near,
Through all of the complaints and condemn.
With tears in my eyes I realised,
That all along I was living for them.
And I swore to myself that night,
And answered my heart's only plea.
That I will no longer care for what they say,
And now I shall live for me.
And now that I am way past that,
Way past my darkest day.
There isn't another I thought I think,
Of what will people say.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'What will people say / Log kya kahenge'

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  • Strong and encouraging!
    Love it✌


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