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What igniting means

Sekulu Nyekha

There is risk in loving.
Love itself is a relative term.
When it breaks you,
It is not just your heart that's in ache.
It is your whole being. 
Your abdomen pinches you when you laugh. 
Your gullet refuses to swallow in all that you eat, 
Whatever that you eat.
Your windpipe is too weak to function. Should you die? No.
You decide to survive at least.
And your eyes. Oh your lovely eyes.
So tired to open, So tired of remaining shut. 
What do you do. 
You keep crying
Till there's no more tears to flow.
Do you scream? 
You wish you could.
But you're too weak to even do so.
So tell me. Is love worth the pain?
Something that seem so beautiful and magical,
To suddenly bitterly break you so briskly, You don't even get to prepare yourself for the worst moment of your life.
Your worst moment and you don't even get to pick how you wish to face the pain. 
Is it worth the try.
Give up on love this while.
Your inner being is tired of holding up,
It's dying to ignite.

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