Shreyas Ghosh

Metal chains dragging along his feet screeching the side of the walls,
in the passage leading to his nightmare’s seat.

They put him in a cage and said, now only confinement can save us from your deadly beast.

A human by day and a werewolf by dawn, he sat confined in his cage away from all glory and life’s forms.

His only friend was his self-destructive form that was to be awakened as time went on.

A cage inside a room with one window opened at day and closed at dawn.
To keep the howling beast inside when the moon showers it’s light at his ungodly form.

They placed a mirror in his cage to show him she shall die as his body forgets to respond.

His reflection was soon his enemy and the person who caused this horror and all.

He banged his head on the metal rods and bled from his ears, as it sounded like hell began to play a new song.

He screamed for help, but only the silence heard his voice.

With no food to eat, he got hungry to be served death. To end his suffering and pain of this time he never asked to come.

He now saw the moon light gazing above his sight. Only in his dream, which he escaped to, Whenever he fell asleep to the noise of his chains clinking the rusted steel sheets below his feet.

In need for peace he used all of his strength to grow a sharp finger nail to put an end of his beast.

He struck the sharp piece into his heart and bled his pain out, to finally rest in peace.

The rusted steel sheets turned red and lying on it was a human destroyed by his own beast.

He then fell to the ground for the last time and said, I was the only weapon that could kill me, all along.


  • This is great!! I loved the line “he screamed for help, but only silence heard his voice”

  • very nicely written Shreyu! You have a gift of smooth cadence..cant wait to read more! :-)

  • Incredibly well written, absolutely love the theme of the poem. You’re so talented. Looking forward to reading more from you ♥️

    Roshni Prasad
  • This is so beautifully written, you’re so talented! Keep writing :’)

  • Deep!!!

    Ruthu S
  • This is beautiful :"). Would love to hear more from you.

  • Wow, this is really amazing!

    Sandra Manoj
  • A very well written poem! Excellent!

    Rohan Prasad
  • Superb maga, it’s Awesome Maga

  • This is so amazing ! A good read :)

    Shamita Jgm
  • This is so touching. Please publish more of his work ❤️

    Maya Jose
  • I got chills reading this. You’re very underrated :")

    Akash Das
  • This is soo good!!! :))

    Samreen Sayeda
  • Wow, this is so beautiful.

    Ananya Koushik
  • I love this, I’d love to read more from you :)

  • This is beautiful :( so moving.

    Riyaa Sancheti

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