Malini Kartika Deepan

Baby Pink with a pair of pencil jeans and a clutch were her choice. She checked her makeup on the glass window of a Porsche. The person inside was too busy on a call but when she caught his attention he chuckled at her spout selfies. He didn’t want to disturb it. As she walked away, he slowly got down to enter into the metro station and went into the first coffee shop. Clocks ticked and when it was time for food, he took his pack and stood on a corner table.
“Excuse me”
“Am not sorry, no vacant spots ma’am”, he replied without lifting his head
“Well…assuming you are here for a meeting?”
“One meeting”, he was busy separating his food still into it
“Ok.me too”, replied the voice with a slight disappointment
“Awaiting a personality?”
“No, my boss for life”
“Lift your head” “ Maybe the queen orders you to”
“Continue, food is important than rest of the world for me”
“Clicking Pictures are my life”
“Leading Photographer?” “Even a selfie addict claims they love photography” he chuckled
He heard a small bang on the table amidst the announcements made about trains
“Are you a cunning owner?” or “a Multi-talented trickster?”
“City Head”
He had a little portion of his food left and had answered about a dozen questions and through his castle moves gained a few answers. All this in fifteen minutes before a train came in.

“We dooooo…” shouted the excited voice.

“We do” he chuckled as he turned and finally saw his boss for life’s face as the automatic doors shut and the train left with a whistle.

Just like her cooker whistle when she reminisced wiping her wedding photograph and chuckled.

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