See a lot of people fall in love like a shooting star,
ignorant of the resistance in their own path,
and unaware of where they are headed,
and without thinking it through,
enter into an unknown atmosphere.
Of course they burn wild and bright at first,
great to look at, leaving a beautiful trail, 
that glazes the night sky,
but painfully disintegrating into a million little pieces,
as they lose their burning passion,
and consequently,
losing all originality and texture, 
changing beyond recognition, 
so much so that it scares them, scars them,
and leads them to a point of no return.
But we, darling,
we fell in love like raindrops into a dried up pond, 
striking at the drought cracks,
softening them, 
making the ground slippery and muddy at first,
but only so we could fall a lot more easily,
and then gradually filling up the emptiness
that seemed odd to anyone who cared enough to look; 
until now, 
see now, this pond is home to new life,
which can nourish so many others with what it has to give,
Its home to new energy that both instantly and slowly,
refreshes everything in its vicinity.
The soil recaptures the petrichor that it lost long ago,
selling its addiction to everyone without a choice.
This pond is now giving back the sky its original colour,
the kind of contrast you only see when you really see.
It's showing true reflections to those who look from the outside,
without any filters, baring every little detail,
but also with nature's melodious background score,
of birds chirping, wind brushing through the trees,
and of the little waves hitting the edges,
which is so much better than it was ever before.
With so much care, it is bound to rain again,
this pond will never be dry again.
Be it summer, be it fall,
our love will take care of it all..


  • “Exquisite” is a small word, it seems!

    Vidushi Dubey
  • Beautifully written ❤

  • Lovely lines.

  • Really heart touching . Beautiful bled of words ❤

    Satyam Srivastava
  • ‘We’ is love!
    ‘We’ is forever…

  • Awesome lines…

  • You seem different in these words. The way you brought negativity to sheer feeling of Bliss is commendable. Great work, yet again.

    Shivendu Shukla
  • I wish I could write like you… LOVED It.. ❤️❤️ I could picture it all… ?

  • Beautiful, loved the last line. ?

  • Simply beautiful. Beautiful lines!

  • Some write ups are beyond beautiful ❣️


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