Wait a little, please.

Let me dry the ink stains

Scattered on my shirt,

While pouring the muddled

Feelings tinged with hurt.

On to a paper, the gruesome thoughts

That I am trying to subvert.


Wait a little, please.

Let me hear the sound of

Raindrops falling on my window pane.

Echoing the pitter patter of

Emotions invading my logical domain,

My brain.

Was it all in vain?


Wait a little, please.

Let me soak myself

In this brilliant sunshine.

The liquid rushing out of my eyes

Before, used to taste saline.

Present, however, is sweet

Like elixir, Like divine.


Wait a little, please.

Let me feel this cool breeze,

I am no longer shy.

I came out of that shell long ago,

Now I look up to the sky.

Let me spread my wings,

Again, I am ready to fly.


  • Really so deep. Excellent

    Preeti khangwal
  • Very nice!! U really have a flare for this

  • Nice work. Keep it up !

  • Wow! Wonderful work.

    Tanvi Sharma

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