It’s painful

To just sit and do nothing

To wait

For that something

That you know is out there

And should’ve come by now

But the fact that it hasn’t come yet

Makes you cringe

It feels like you’ve got

Insects crawling under your skin

And they’ve already started 

Eating you up from within

You feel so hot inside

And this is when you aren’t

Even close to catching fever

But it’s so hot you just can’t

Bear it anymore

It’s like you’ve got a volcano

Inside you, that’s surely

On the verge of erupting

And when it explodes

You know that you’ve already lost control

The fire that could’ve been put out

Has just finished burning your soul

Now this story could’ve had 

An alternate ending

The art of perseverance

Is the key to blend in

Sometimes the wait is long

It’s longer than what a city

Struck with catastrophe

Takes to reassemble

It’s longer than a complete discography

Of a famous rock n roll band

From the early 90s

It’s heart-breaking and

Sometimes, you just can’t

You can’t take it anymore

But just a minute before

This very moment comes

To hit you on your face

With full force

You’ve got to take 

A step back

To reassess 

Your walking track

Check for the signboards

Or a milestone

Is there a turn ahead?

Or are you almost home?

The dream you’ve been chasing

Might be just a mile away

So put a lid on your volcano

There’s no time to turn away

The path of life

Knows no other direction

You’ve got to keep moving forward

Cause there is no permit for retraction.


  • It’s beautiful my adorable lil brother.. It is that real fact of life which cannot be ignored to experience in the lives of those who love to chase their dreams and calling.
    God bless you abundantly

  • Great work Ishi… keep it up…
    Many more to come… :)
    Heartiest Congratulations… !!

  • Beautifully written! ?

    Akanksha Bhatti
  • Very well expressed… Very connecting… That ray of optimism is the key over here which touched my heart :) You are doing great Ishi :) Keep doing this for us. :) Good luck for your future and congratulations too!!! :)

  • This is really an amazing poem … Specially the line which says
    And this is when you aren’t even close to catching fire …
    Looking forward to see more art ..
    And it’s just beautiful

    Kenneth Mathews
  • Okay…this poem was amazing…. You captured every single feeling with such accuracy … Keep writing such awesome poems bhaiya ?

    Stuti Titus
  • Thank you all for your lovely comments, I’ll be writing more very soon, thanks a lot for your encouraging words! ?

    Ishi Dass
  • It’s a wonderful poem!!… Emphasizing exactly how it feels to wait and the happiness you get when you achieve what you’ve been waiting for. Totally relatable!!

  • One of the best and most heart touching poem I ever read, thanks ishi, loved it brother, keep writing

    Gaurav chandra
  • Awesome feelings explained very well in words

    Shefali Able
  • You don’t need a flare to write something so beautiful like this because you are The Flare. Keep it up, lil’ bro. I am happy for this. ?

  • Amazing ……. perseverance is indeed a key to blend in …. Didactic of optimism…Keep up budding poet.

    Nitika Joseph
  • Amazing! Well expressed.

  • It’s such a great poem
    loved the essence of being lost and self discovery


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