Valentine's Shootout

By Adrita Chatterji

You are the voice to my noiseless words
My armchair on the most restless day, 
You are my string to every chord
My wildest desire left astray.
You are as melodious as you look
Sometimes a little lost,
Fairytale it may seem
For to my burning heart you are the very frost. 
I feel you're happier
Without me in the scene,
But I search for you everywhere 
Nevermind my gloomy intervene!
So the day is here
When I have to claim my love,
But the feeling ain't so mere
That it could be described through words.
So let me narrate
If only I could do,
Ignite me in my chest
Oh my dearest friend, adieu..
Search me in the crowds
Where there are millions like me,
If only you can differentiate
I'd know you love me.

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