Diksha Rupasa

Sliding past the nostalgia of old toys and enticement of the new ones,
Somewhere in an unfamiliar realm I lie in a trance
At the silent hour when the owls rise and wolves howl,
Unending dreams rob me of my sleep.

Making a difference? A common denominator.
But being one? Ungoverned by fear?

Ever underrated.
‘Unrealistic’ , ‘utopian’ visions!
Always underestimated
By the demons clad in chameleons' cloak.

Thank you, indeed, for the nudge!
Acknowledge their honesty, but,
For I won't let it cripple me

Because, who knows?
You've, long back, found in yourself what the world is yet to discover!

That what appears so tangled on the exterior
Is vividly painted on the mural of my mind
Like an ocean of clear water.

As with the lapse of the second-hand of the clock runs the stream of time;
The faint voices in my head now sound clearer than a bell chime.

The exotic sight tempts me, a land unknown beguiles
Bubbling aspirations!
Visible are the ripples surfacing on my mind,
Unearthed underneath sit those dreams aligned,
Glistening like the morning dew,
Resting on the petals of iris blue.

So dive right in,
Shedding the velvet robe of insecurities and inhibitions,

Scale a peak but be prepared to meet another.
You stumble, fall back but rise with a vigour unseen before,
You spool and unspool,
Hold it tight and let it loose.

On and on, it goes around in loops,
It’s a vicious circle.
Breakthroughs and setbacks,
What’s a life without challenges after all!

Propelled by the dreams that we've have nestled
Let's face the odds head-on,
I shall strive but thrive,
Might slow down along the way
But won't stop, won't give in

Shattering all the shackles I shamble,
Will falter, might even trip
But I refuse to get trampled in the stampede. 

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