By Bharti Bansal
One day the dreams will arrive at the patio of your home
On one fine morning under the gleaming sun
Ask your father to receive the parcel of sunshine
For it will make his eyes bereft of laughter shine again
Ask your mother to prepare your favourite dish
For every guest must be welcomed with ardour
And when they ask you about the strangeness of it all
Tell them about the first prize you won when you were five
Twll them about that old poster that hung on the wall of your room when you were seventeen 
Tell them all
How it started, your birth
How the dreams took home and burnt inside your chest
How nights became moments of past
How the cold served dinner felt warmer with the tinge of your burning passion
Tell them about the abandoning
The first day your father refused to meet your eyes
The second day your father wore silence like a robe 
The third day when he kept silent
The fourth day when he kept silent 
The fifth day when he said the word "trust" and broke it between his teeth blaming you
Tell them how grief is not a rubber band
It never leaves the person same again 
And when they say, how they don't understand 
Tell them that's how you have felt
All the times someone asked for the reason behind your depression
Ask them if something starts looking similar on account of some symbols
Because if it does, tell them that mathematics of sadness is not same as that of depression
Tell them you were always bigger than your dreams
Because dreams are glass houses
And life is but a stone 
Stone you never threw but ended up being bruised and guilty instead 
They will shout and scream
Call you names, pathetic for some you will become
Stay silent and ask them how silence now looks in your lips, resting, smirking
"Revenge" will shout a neighbour into the ears of your father
"Blasphemous, questioning your birthgivers" will say another
See your home turning into the sun, burning
Ask your mother to close the door 
Tell her to draw the curtains close
And let the darkness spread like ink in water 
Tell them that dreams unbeknownst to you scare you
And when they arrive every time, they serve as a reminder to all the broken promises and dying relations
Tell them how you no more believe in growing gardens
And how land is a wasted one if not ploughed properly 
Ask for help
Shout for help
And when they lend their hand to bring you out of your nightmare 
Grab it like the only  rope preventing you from falling deep into the chasm
Smile even when your lips tremble
And let them know how just like this poetry
Your life took an unexpected turn and it has never been same again
Leave your dreams that don't belong to you
And get up next  morning
Before  the bell rings again
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


  • Beautifully written….touches the heart …great work Bharti

  • Nice!

  • completely blown away with this one, keep it up

    Yastika Sharma
  • This makes my heart ache and fly at the same time, I love it!

  • Marvellous!!!

  • Beautifully woven words…

    Nandink Kaushik
  • Very nice lines by you..delivers good message too…

    Sushil Kumar

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