Unknown Source

Kaustav Roy

the evening said "I would go back soon to dawn"//
clouds never lets a formation to hide up in the air//
soft tips asked to get a vacation//
nostalgic trades are now to reform///

classical classics ordered in the dim//
survival calculates an estimate//
glorious instincts hope for the truth//
forgotten dates cries out in thoughts///

If its dayout then its time to be scheduled//
if it is rain in the hills-
then its time to make possibilities//
if time travels far no calculation is summoned//
to the unknown source of truth that's hidden//
no source that was never been created//
to far and for thy reasons to fill the unknown//
delivering the formalities to the navigation of farther east//
while finding entities its dam stop to create a launch///

transformation makes a pause...//
option creates the distance//
format asks for a recreation//
though everything works on the way..///


  • Beautifully written. Loved the last stanza entirely.

    Sneha Asthana
  • The forth-last line is the most touching line for me..as it says transformation makes a pause..where I have tried to convey that somewhere between two phase of changes there lies a pause.

    Kaustav Roy(Creator)

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