(Un)Happy New Year

By Debarpita
Hello New Year, I hope you are well.
Because I am not, I am not at my best
In this chaos of falling humanity and stealth,
Among all these minds full of filth
How can I, and my generation dwell?
I'm not, but New Year, I hope you're well!
Hello New Year, I hope you are safe,
Because I'm not, I'm scared to go out at nights.
And to stand for my basic rights,
And for others too. Tell me! Should I 
deny what our titles say? Should I stay
at my sister's burnyard or, at my brother's grave?
I'm not, but New Year, I hope you're safe!
New Year, do you hear my country calls?
Will you fight with me if my brother falls?
Will you stand with me for my sister's pride?
Will you fight? 
For all resoultions over the past years gone-
Today for me, New Year, will You take one?
Will you bring in rebels? Will you hold our hands?
Will you go to wherever freedom stands?
And if all of a sudden covered faces come, 
hit my head and burn my palms
Promise me, New Year, You'll bleed with me.
You'll bleed tricolor until we're free!
Free from divisions, corruptions and crimes;
New Year, Will you speak the truth for me,
Will you speak over a thousand times?


  • Well done……a deep message to awake the nation…….

    Sneyee goswami
  • This is an amazing piece of work….

    Priyanka Shakdwipee
  • Thank You Varsha and Ri Cha, Im honoured.

  • Much needed!

    Ri Cha
  • Good Debarpita… Go ahead

  • One of the best poems I have read so far on this topic. Subtle but impactful. Keep writing because a poet has that power to make a change😄

    Varsha Mishra
  • Thank You so much Nikhil..!

  • Such a poetic cri de coeur! Very beautiful.

    Nikhil Bharadwaj

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