Undestined Love

Arushi Sharma 

Strangers we were, strangers we are;
Slumbered we both,
But the dreams transisted there;
Something become eternal for us.
We  turned into a dream,right.
For now a nightmare,
If not, but still we don't share;
May be it's our beauty we live there.
So met in a dream as a dream;
Confronted and that round on we feel.
Sweet emotions mixed in the breeze;
Our laugh filled the air,
Echoes still ring in the ear.
Chattered like buds;
Danced like the jumping beans;
Stumbled and fall,
We cried like a child;
Still holding on each other;
But that was a dream.
Then the connections we feel,
I moved with that gush,
And you're so touched by my life force.
You call them messages from the divine,
And you will always stay by my side.
Then that thumping heart oozing out of the chest
The peace,the home like feel we felt;
But still i was muddling with my thoughts.
Such hiccups used to stop on your name
I was so losing myself in you.
Then all your lies,a sudden revelation of your truth,
Something i never looked for,
You're like a wall infront.
My real world so affected by you.
I can't withstand with your name;
Like a ghost,it surround me.
I remember desk in my class;
Never on time, i was.
But that desk with your name on it;
Nobody sit there.
Like i was that wretched to sit there.
How could the world know;
I have so much hate with this name.
Still ignored,
But I guess, the universe was playing to me.
I still couldn't figured it out,
What was i trying to do?
When i was pushing myself so hard to forget you.
You were so far then,
Unknown with the things i face,
I was so much in pain.
I wanna kill you, I swear.
Still you are there in my thoughts,
And somwhere you never left my dream.
I am so trapped in you;
And they all say,
I'm still in love with you!!!!!


  • Lovely .. All the very best for future ?

    Mushahid siddiqui
  • Mushahid…:)

    Arushi Sharma
  • Lovely .. All the very best for future ?

    Mushahid siddiqui
  • Thanks alot Juhi for such sweet wishes…:)..?

    Arushi Sharma
  • Wow.. Arushi.. Fabulous poem
    ..one day u will become great Author

    Juhi Singh
  • Thank You Dear Sona :)

    Arushi Sharma
  • Saloni :)

    Arushi Sharma
  • Its beautifully written Arushi… Keep it up!! :)

    Sona khajuria
  • This is so heavenly :)


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