Uncomfortably Numb

Anupam Jaina

I truly believed we had struck a chord,
Had chosen each other to love of our own accord,
Little did I know I was fooling myself, 
Now bereft of you, in desperate need for some help.
Oh I loved you, I loved you, I loved you so much,
Of what'd happen when you break my heart, it didn't seem to matter as such.
What probably hurt more was the lack of fight from you, for me,
When I would've moved mountains for you, my darling, I'd have shifted seas.
There's no blame here attached to you, 
You just looked out for yourself and I looked out just for you too,
I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart,
So that I could move on to a fresh restart.
Farewell it is then, or is it goodbye,
Forgetting you is something futile, yet I must try,
Am I a masochist or was I simply stumped?
Either way, you leave me love, oh so uncomfortably numb.

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