Two minds of mine

By Deshna Jain

I am not just one person. 
I am two minds - 
One who worries
And one who deals with the worrying.

One who has trouble speaking even to familiar faces
And one that whispers, "it's alright. We've got this."
One who cries every time I fall down
And one who hugs me saying, "it's okay. We'll try again."

One who runs away whenever things go rough
And one who plants my feet to the ground and tells me to face it.
"I believe in you. So believe in yourself. "

So I'm not just one person
I am two minds
One that worries
And the other one, that sometimes gets tired.
And sleeps
And let's my guard down
That is when I do forget to breathe in the middle of a conversation
When I do cry because getting back up seems impossible, and rather futile.
When I run away because I can't make sense of what's going around anymore.

And so I say
I am two minds
One that's apprehensive of all the good things because it knows that good things don't stay.
And one that braves all the bad things, because it knows that bad things don't stay either. 



  • So relatable!

    Aahna Jain
  • Awesome Poem, Could relate Every word, Author is really expressive, KEEP sharing more.

    Anuj Jain
  • Wonderful thoughts and detailed emotions of both part of life. Really awesome

    Ashish soni
  • Aww OMG too similar to my mind.Dear Tia very well written poetry. I really appreciate your words.👍👌

  • Expressed very nicely… Choice of words is too good…keep your outstanding work up.
    All the very best for future.

    Mamta Jain
  • Nice expression
    Keep doing good work.

    Amit G Jain Ambala wale
  • Very nice and mature poetry which understands and describe every human nature 👌👌

    Nikhil Kumar
  • Very beautifully expressed the turmoil between ones two self.
    Simply Amazing

  • Beautiful poem.. Which is being related to everyone.. Because describe.. Keep it up 😊

  • This is beautiful and relates to every single person!


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