Turning thirty

By Jyothi Anna John
Yesterday when the clock struck twelve,
in a state of numbness I turned thirty.
My twenties have disappeared.
Pressing me down, I felt a new rock of responsibility.
I was expected a job, husband and atleast one child.
Let's just say I crawled and made it half way. 
I thought with dread about the rest of it,
while I was showered happiness throughout the day. 
My foes sneered, but my friends patted my back.
Thirties are not a big deal ,it's peaceful than twenties.
It's not yet time, for you to hit the sack.
Standing before the mirror, I counted the stray grey hairs.
I still couldn't help but ponder
I am better than I was.
Smiling I realised , I get better as I get older. 
As the sun sets on my birthday,
I wonder, am I wrong to think this way.
With cup of green tea and plenty of optimism,
I set alarm for another day.
Deep breaths and closed eyes,
into the night I was slipping.
Wondering, was it day or night.
In a land where my biological clock is ticking. 


  • just Amazinggg!

  • Nicely written


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