Truly destroyed in love

Priyanshi Arora

Yesterday I met a guy,
His name was Sky
He was having alcohol,
When he had an instant fall

Oh! I realized that he is intoxicated,
Maybe his life is overcomplicated
‘What is the cause of his self destruction’, I asked myself.
Then I saw a diary of his writings for his ex-wife in his shelf.

Upon reading the diary, I flipped through the pages of his dingy life,
And I found, how imperfect was he without his wife.
He was so much hooked to alcohol, drugs and cigarette
That his stomach bulged out sitting on a sofa set

I read his diary along with a sip of wine,
“I miss our candid conversations and fine dine”
“I miss your giggles and your flattening smile”
“How you made me laugh in your winning style”

“I am destroyed, I have nothing to strive”
“Only on alcohol and drugs, I can survive”
“When I lost you, I surrendered to my pain”
“You are and will always remain my main”

“I do not remember when I respired fresh air”,
“I only remember your pious gaze and stare”
I was taken aback by what I read,
Jesus, I think his wife is now dead.

Sky’s life is desolate and mundane,
The poor guy is holding on to his pain
He has impaired his mental and physical health,
There is no use of his property and wealth

I felt sorry and wanted to show him my compassion,
But he was unconscious and afflicted to his addiction
Maybe I will come tomorrow when he will be fine,
May god bestow on him a beautiful sunshine.

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