Travelling At Night

By Debarati Nandan


The moonlit night,


 And it's starry sight,

 Was enough to catch my curious eye;

  I took a walk,

 Down the path,

 To see the magical and mysterious sky.

 The roads were empty,

 Street lights glowing,

 The walk was just about to be serene.

 Two lovers sat by,

 Near the glistening river,

 Chatting and sharing their love divine,

 I walked by,

 Under this starry sky,

 With the sight of the beautiful night.

 I saw a loner,

 Who sighed for something,

 Sitting and brooding under the streetlight.

 Further down the lane,

 I walked alone,

 To see the Nature's delightful play.

 Suddenly the rain came,

 Few children on the street, started running

 To find a shelter for them to stay.

 I paced along,

 Under the rain,

 Also to find myself a haven.

 The sky grew brighter,

 Inch by inch, making me think―

 Maybe this is the closest I can get to Heaven.



This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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