Too Late

Bhoomika Singh

I saw two willow trees in a field one day
One of them a bit crooked and full of disdain
His leaves seemed like a summer once lost
As if a home trashed and burned at an irrevocable cost

His branches stooped low as if to get swallowed by the ground
And the roots which were once strong were no longer to be found
His bark weary, worn out from being plucked out by children playing a game
His soul numb from all his guilt and shame

He longed for a man to cut him by his base
So that he doesn't have to spend the rest of his life stuck in an endless maze
He weeped for rain, so vicious it could drown him
Prayed for a storm, so untamed it could him somewhere, anywhere his eyes wouldn't be filled to the brim

The second tree however was a tricky being
A dreamer extending his limbs towards the night sky as if to stop the moment which was fleeting
He got scared of this silent fellow
Wondered how could someone be so mellow

Eventually though he noticed the emptiness of his unknown friend
If only he knew how to mend
Both spent their days in silence, one not having the will and the other not finding the right words to speak
The weary one got by and of the day more and more weak

After struggling for days the dreamer decided to tell how much their silent solitude meant to him
Happy of finding a new friend, someone to dream besides with
He extended his limbs towards his new sky but who could've predicted his fate
For he was, a little too late, too late, late

So I saw two willow trees in a field one day
And now one of them is gone & the other one weary I have to say.

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