Aeishwarya Chaudhari

It's perfectly fine if I want to be loved today
It's perfectly alright if I want to be heard today

It's okay if I remember him today
It's thoroughly acceptable that I yearn for him today

So what if I want him to share this night of long hours
So what if I wish to be with him and close the doors

The essence of love is boundless
And it needs to be shared with a person full of fondness

The private galaxy of ours
In which I dwell for extended hours

Don’t you also feel the goose bumps today
Don’t you miss the old days so gay

That right amount of grin you used to carry
It used to bring in the moments so merry

I remember your deep brown eyes today
At times, speaking the tales of dismay

I wish to kiss them now
Can you give me that one chance, my beau

I remember the way you used to enjoy my touch
On that purple lounge’s couch

I don’t know why
But today after a decade for you I cry

I desire to explore you today
In a much mature and a gentle way

I know I am unheard today
And I understand it’s no more a child’s play

Yet I urge to see you through my affection
And honestly, I don’t want to experience a rejection

Just within you I want to reside
And I want you to feel fortified

Meet me once today
Let our dreams flourish in a better way

Don’t you think we can give ourselves a chance
And succumb ourselves to this beautiful trance

You will also agree we all at a step feel so shackled
Chained, suffocated and so smothered

Its high time we need to stop pretending
Its high time we need to stop show casing

For whom are we doing this?
Are we faking our behavior and still wish to reminisce?

I waited for you
I am still waiting for you

I want to witness your magnificence today
I want to witness your splendor today

Nevertheless, I want to love you today
I want to kiss you today

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