To The Gardener

By Nisha K P

O' the mesmerizer Gardener, 

I am a little red Rose in your garden,

Born from your land in the unknown

And bloomed on a day of fate,

With a fragrance so mild to catch not your sense

And thorns little wild, but to hurt not your hands.


O' the handsome Gardener,

Water me with love, when the sun is so harsh

And nurture me with hope, when the wind is so rude.

Let the touch of thy hands be so gentle and tender, 

As mighty you may seem, and as wise you may sound

For, I am the little red Rose in your garden, hailed as ’The Gardener's Rose'.


The steps of those traitors scare me not

And promises of faraway lands tempt me not,

Just hold me on tight, my guardian Gardener,

And wrap me in warmth, till I wither

For, I am the little red Rose of your garden,

Wishing to bloom till I fade,

And wither away only in thy soil.


  • Loved it Nisha. Good one

  • Good work
    Natural thoughts from the poet.

  • Excellent one Nisha.. Keep writing. Waiting for more from you..

    Devaki Praveen
  • Nice poem Nisha..

  • Nice lyrics and really holistic

  • Nice lyrics and really holustic

  • Really beautiful. Keep it up…

  • This is beautiful. Very classy amd theatrical. Loved it

    Akanksha Chawla
  • Sad that I’m so ignorant,
    So ignorant about your talent,
    That I failed to notice,
    Inspite of the memories we share,
    Feeling humbled being oblivious to the good things around us.

    Ashok Paliath
  • Lovely poem Nisha. “Water me with love, when the sun is so harsh” — This is what we all expect ; I could picture myself as the Rose , reading your poem.
    Very nice thought Nisha.

  • So touched my heart. Reminded me of my beautiful garden roses. Well done. Keep writing.


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