To Prove Your Innocence

Syed Ishfaq Altaf
I would soar high above the zenith
Until the wings would be clipped,
Sight lost, beak blazed,
Skin singed, bones cracked,
The tears would turn crimson all the planets
And the soul would bleed in torrents
To prove your Innocence

I would reach down to the core
Until the legs would be cleaved,
Ears deafened, nose choked,
Toes crushed by the rocks,
The body pelted by pebbles and clods
I would be cremated by the lava inside
And the soul would fetch back the evidence
To prove your Innocence

I would hover through all the glaxies
Until the arms would be dashed down,
Hairs blanched, lips desiccated, throat parched,
The body would be torn to pieces,
Head tossed by the mountain peaks,
Skin pecked by the wild birds
And the soul would fly down with His words
To prove your Innocence.

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  • Very well written !!

    Afzaleen Shaikh

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