To My Love


By Manasij Pal Chowdhury

Do you know
Who are you to me?
During the day
You’re my energy for working;
At night you’re my deepest sleep.

Language and voices, speak nothing;
Songs, sing in silence.
Be like the moon of the night sky
And a flutter of light breeze.

I want to write now-
Write of the blue clouds and the dark night
And the fresh grass clinging to your feet;
About the little thoughts rippling like a stream
And the rainbow bubbles moving around.

I want to paint you around
In all the lovely canvas of imagination;
With bold caring strokes
And little lines of love
Running around.

I want to swoon around in your thoughts 
As the sweet snow subtly shimmers
And the old birds sing songs of happy wisdom
Far above among the shape-shifting clouds.
I want to feel you like the crimson pall of the evening
As my imaginations fill and light the sky.

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  • The 2nd stanza ❤️

    Chandralekha Panda

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