To my dearest

By Sharon Narula 

I shine with glow
Whenever you are around
Feelings of exhilaration surround 
You are my happy place
Where I want to forever escape
I shine with glow
Because you make me so
Make me feel secured
From the outside menacing world
I shine with glow
When you adore me, sweetheart
Glancing at me as I were a piece of art
When I keep blabbering words making no sense
And still you sigh with suspense
I shine with glow 
When I'm with you
Since you are tailor-made for me as I'm for you
I shine with glow
Even when you are away
Memories in my mind of us tend to play
Which I wait to be made everyday and shine a little bit brighter the next day


  • amazingly beautiful

    Sheela M
  • This is so beautiful! :)

    Kakul Shrivastava
  • Beautiful :)

  • Fabulous, coming from heart

    Rekha Narula
  • Great!!


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