To My Dear Not-mine Valentine

Nandhini Srinivasan

My dear not-mine Valentine,
Here is another poem that breathes for you
But will merely rot in my shadows. 
For here is one of feelings relinquished;
For they don't have the power
To change anything.
Broken in an instant.
Broken for months.
And left wondering
If this were that accursed love.
Then my heart shattered for you.
That's when I actually realized
That though you're no longer hers
You are neither mine.
They say
Love is the closest bond between two hearts
Then this cannot be love.
Our souls are not bound,
But merely the opposite poles of a magnet;
Opposite Charges;
Yearning to merge,
As they rip me apart.
The ocean will forever reach for the moon;
Even though it senses the bitter truth.
That Celestially enraptured by the sun,
The moon shall never know. 
And the waves can never compare.
So let me be your dark side.
Let me be the love unrequited. 
Let me paint your being with my words
Let me laugh with you in my dreams
And let you never know. 
Because my heart is barely strong enough,
To beat for either of us.
And if you were to say anything,
It might not muster the strength
To beat at all.
With strong emotion,
The lover you shall never know
[I hope you like it! ]

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