To my Comrade

Ayana Sarkar

This dream for a better day is not solely yours, it’s mine too.
I have inherited this dream,
As it had been my parents’ too.
You and I, dream of a different world,
A world where, it is the norm,
to stand with each other,
and to think of another as a human being.
I have been perpetually dreaming of this world.
This possibly was the dream of early cavemen,
And the sixteen year old, victim of abuse,
who is now pregnant,
had dreamt of this better world.
She and her child, were supposed to grow up in this world of our dreams.
That is why civilisation bore fruit,
And walked the path of progress for thousands of years.
This is the dream of a million marginalised Dalits,
of drinking water from the same well,
And eating the same fruits, as his upper caste neighbours .
It is the dream of that Dalit boy, who deserves a life,
free of the disrespect and pain of manual scavenging.
This is his dream.
And the dream of his poor family who work hard to make end’s meet.
They dream of a world of equal opportunities,
where their son could grow up to be a doctor, their daughter an engineer.
It is their dream.
One fine day, the dishonour they face everyday for being Dalits, will end.
Basically, this is the dream of living a better life,
The dream of eating a full meal,
And in effect, is the dream for a day, 
where you’ve gotten everything you have ever deserved.
This is also the dream of that IT professional in Bangalore,
Who is about to forget his mother’s face,
As his sixteen hour work day, progresses,
he possibly wants to go home,
And sleep the whole night.
Get drenched in the city rain and bum an early light..
This is his dream.
This is that dream, where a girl walks back home safely, at midnight,
not having to worry for her life.
And we get to live our lives with a partner of our love.
It is the dream for that right.
This is not only the dream for a changed world,
But is also the dream for that revolution, to achieve one.
If you do not find me in your heart one day,
Find me you will, on the roads holding your hand,
And we will form a human chain.
And with that we will the stop the wheels of torture,
And we'll break the barriers of this unfair, barbaric world.
I will be with you, in this dream of yours,
As it is my dream too.
We are allies, in this dream for a better world.
We are co-workers, working hard to achieve the same fate for all.
We see the world in the same light.
This is our love, This is our dream,
Until death sets us apart.

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