Till death do us apart

Julu Ahamed

As I light this joint
it's a gamble
what are the odds
life dealt me the wrong cards
me against all odds
how do I get even?
die or dice
either way, we roll

lost, point me the north
tell me what I'm worth
take the blunt away
put words in my mouth
I'd rather leave than to live
everyday fabricating self belief
cotton mouth
reality is hard to swallow
its hard to follow
with my thoughts derailed
to hope one day I'll finally arrive
Its the hope
pushing me off the edge
dope that I cop to cope
the reason I'm still hanging on to this rope
am I scared of the fall?
Its not the drop
I've moped for too long to know
these rock bottoms
got false bottoms

five in the morning
not woke
I'm just awake
slept on opportunities for too long
I over dozed
Its regret
but I'd rather forget
still working nine to five
after five, I'm smoking nine tonight
till I overdose
hot boxing in minivans
I read my scriptures off the wall
I'm tired of this ride
I'm switching autopilot
annihilate, self destruct
let fate take the wheel
I lied, I'm not tireless

why all this weed?
what do I really need?
may be I just need to be heard
to get this message across
but I'm left on read
so I let this blunt burn half my soul
illuminate the other half
like I'm married to this joint
till death do us apart

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