This is the part we pause

By Ellora Kothare

We’re always running. 

From one thing to the next.

‘I don’t know where the last week, month, year went…’

 has become a reflex. 


Sometimes it feels like things are happening at twice it's speed

We run through the times we win 

And run through the times we bleed

Always so concerned with reaching the finish line 

When are we going to stop and see the signs?


This is a sign.

The part where we pause 

The part where we lean in and ask ourselves

About who we are and our biggest flaws 

The part where we stay in and try to figure it out

The part where embrace our scars and work through the doubt

The part where we can’t distract ourselves from the pile of clothes on that chair

The part where we think about what’s gone and appreciate what’s there


This is the part we pause 

This is the part we see

What is life? Who am I? 

This time we can’t flee 

This is the part I see the parts of me 



  • Beautiful. Love the line.. this is the time we pause.

    Shweta Nagaria
  • Wonderful poem

    Muhsina K Ismail

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