They Can Fly High Too

By Ishita Bahuguna


Around 30 children, Having an age between 5 to 7, Were coming in their best attire, Carrying their books and copies in a polybag, Making no difference between a girl and a boy, Just meeting and greeting every child, And then keeping their books and copies at one place, And playing together, No sub-groups, No separate group of girls, No separate group of boys, Just one group, Together, They were playing kho-kho, pakdam-pakdai, Then one of the girl said "Oh see… He has come. He is coming.", The moment they heard these words, They picked up their books and copies and gathered at one place, Leaving their kho-kho in half, I wasn't aware, Whom they were looking, Why did they stop playing and gathered at one place, At first, I thought maybe they were scared from someone, Maybe this was the reason of not playing, But when I saw their faces, It didn't seem they were scared or anything, Rather, I saw a sparkling shine in their eyes, Eyes having curiosity for what will they learn today, Eyes having a curiosity like a newborn bird, Who want to fly and touch the sky like others, I saw, How beautiful smile occupied their faces when they saw that person, A smile carrying thousands of emotion, A smile carrying a hope, A smile carrying a believe, That one day they will going to fly high and will touch the sky, Seeing them like this, I, myself became curious, About the person who make their eyes shine and their heart smile, I turned around, And saw, It was that person who has given them hope, A hope to be better in life, A hope to do something worth living, And he was the person who make them believe, That they can fly high too, I saw, How they just couldn't control their happiness and excitement on seeing that person, They just ran toward that person, Some were calling him bhaiya, And some were calling him Sir, Hugging him, Greeting him, I got emotional, By seeing their beautiful and pure smile, By seeing their passion for learning new things, By seeing their believe that education can change their lives

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'

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  • Very nice and touchy poem.. keep it up…


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