Themystry of thr unknown murderer

Nandini Naidu

I am in my late thirties.I am a school teacher in kolkata,India. I have come accross many people . Some are kind , some are rude and some are mysterious. I had many experiences in life but i could not forget that one particular experience I had fifteen years ago.

I was brought up in a loving family which included me ,my parents and my uncle and aunt. I was the apple of my uncle and aunt's eye as they were not blessed with any children. But our loving family did not last long. We lived in a small and a peaceful village named jadunagar( an imaginative name). Our house was preety old as it was built by our ancestors . Paranormal stuffs were very normal in our house. Wisperings could be heard ,locked doors were found unlocked. I could always feel a prescence near me. But I was not paranoid so it never bothered me.

But things began to change when I turned fifteen . Screams could be heard . Footprints could be found and threats like 'BEWARE','I WILL KILL YOU ' would be written on the wall. Before I could feel a prescence but nowadays I could see a woman folliwing me . I get goosebumps whenever I look at her face because her face was covered with blood and there were injuries on her fragile body. These continued for a couple of days . One day I woke up and found myself on the top of a huge building .

"Where am I " I said to myself.

Then I heard a loud noise . When I turned around I was terrified because I saw someone stabbing a woman with a knife. But I was more terrrified when I saw that it was same woman who had been following me.

"Help me" she screamed.

I rushed to help her but before I could reach her the murderer plunged the knife into her warm heart and pushed her from the building. I suddenly woke up. Next day when I saw her I gathered my courage and asked her

"Why did I have that dream"

"My name is Aisha Chowdhury ,what is yours?" she asked me.

She spoke to me for the first time. Her voice was very sweet.

"I am Lily." I told her.

"Did your father get a share of the property."

Althougth it was a weird question coming from a person who is already dead, I still answered.

"My father is an honest man so he did not take a share of the property."

She stared blankly at my face and told me

"Let me tell you a story . Me ,your father and aunt Esha are brothers and sisters. I had a good relationship with your father but not a good one with your aunt . But I loved her very much and I was exited about her wedding but I was murdered on the night before her wedding day.I don't know who the murderrer is so can you please help me find the murderer so that I can rest in peace."

"I don't know anything about the murderrer except that the murderrer was wearing a bracelate which had a very unique style. But I will still try to help you." I said to her.

Next day I went to my aunt's room and told her about the things that had happened except the dream. I thought that my aunt would cry but to my dismay she shouted at me and told me to get out of her room . Although I was sad I thought leaving the room was the best option. I decided to take a break from the investigation but due to that incident my suspision grew.

One day my aunt went to her friend's house . I did not leave that oppurtunity . As soon as she left I barged into her room and serched eveyy corner of her room .But I colud not find that thing. Then I found one old alumunium box It had some pictures of aunt Aisha and aunt Esha . But one picture left me suprised . In that picture both of them were wearing the same bracelate I had seen on the hand of the murderer .

"So aunt you are the mysterious murderer."I muttered to myself.

Next day my aunt called me and apologised to me . When I was leaving the room she stopped me and told me,

"Let me tell you a story . I had a sister named Aisha . I hated her so much that I even wanted to kill her. But the night before my wedding day she was murderred. I regret so much for hating her. I became angry because I thought you were pranking me."

"What a hypocrite you are aunt. You killed her and you are still denying it. I thought.

I did not tell anything to aunt Aisha because she would get hurt .

At night I was making plans to expose aunt but what happened next day almost gave me a heartattack. Aunt was dead. Police was called . They investigated the case and said that it was suicide. Poison was found in her stomach. I felt sad but also angry . She should have sufferred in jail. I told aunt Aisha about everything . She was sad because he own sister murderred her. She thanked me and after saying goodbye,she left.

The house became quite . We were sad except uncle Rajesh. One evening I went to uncle'sroom in the evening to give him tea.But he was not there. I went to the the balcony . His back was facing the door so he could not see me .He was holding something and laughing . When I saw what was he holding my heart skipped a beat. He was holding a photo of aunt Esha and aunt Aisha and there were red crossmarks on the photo and on the table beside him there wars the same bracelate I saw in that photo. And there was a labled bottle which read"POISON"
I ran from there as fast as I could .I never went back in that room. Soon we moved to kolkata .

Many years have passed . We don't keep contact with uncle anymore . I have never seen aunt Aisha after that day . But whenever I remember the scene I had witnessed on the balcony , chills run down my spine.

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