The year 5000

Manya Jain

So, this is just a silly school project that I have been involuntary forced into. You see I particularly have to write this because I recently saved your present, and this event needs to be read by your generation, but since you will be reading this, I will have to brief you about how things went down after the year 2020- and by the way yes, time travel is real and a LOT of things that were seemingly considered “fiction” or “sci-fi” at the time are also real.

So, I guess I will need a bit more of an introduction, hmm…. let’s see, my name is Justine, I was born in the year 4087 on 5th April so that makes me 13,- and again yes the date system, language, schooling and pretty much most stuff is the same till now- I live on Earth but as soon as I finish school I swear, I am moving to Saturn! It is so awesome there and some of my friends shifted there last year, (I guess I have to tell you YES Saturn turned out to be a livable planet the thing you people thought were rapid winds turned out to be a silly protection spell and yes it takes less than a year to reach there from earth through space travel) I will get into the discovery of magic, aliens and everything you thought were ‘myths’ or was ‘impossible’ later (since I know it will come up anyway), and if this is making you wonder if I am a human, well, I am but I am 1/3rd pixie and 1/3rd mermaid, and that’s why I sometimes stand out, and my mom said that it’s a really big deal, apparently though, I didn’t see it, but when my mom started explaining I fell asleep. I REALLY shouldn’t have.

I think that’s enough introduction, so currently I am in my room flying around on my flier’s pod writing this (it was so fricking hard to convince my dad to get it for me). First, I need to tell you that everything you people had thought about how the future would turn out to be filled with bad air, no trees or water and blah blah blah. Why do you pure humans always assume the worst? It’s like all you have are negative ideas. The tech grew and people were already taking steps, and all the non-abiders to the new laws of 2025 were thrown into prison. The ice age was avoided, and global warming went to hell (I mean literally not metaphorically) and we ended up with the seemingly ‘best generation of life on earth’ which is thought to be the one I’m living in, (after I saved you people that is) all the social problem, corruption also went to hell (literally) if you want details about all that then I am not your girl.

Now, the whole past-saving part happened on my birthday, which I spent at my best friend’s house (now he is pure warlock).

We were just fooling around, experimenting with random spells to try and boost my pixie reflexes (I can jump VERY high due to it), when he accidentally slipped while casting a spell with his hands… and the spell lost control and ricocheted around the room and I realized we’d left the window open and, at the same time an outer world demon, was approaching us when it hit her. (most demons are females) You may be wondering “outer world”? You see, when the humans found out about the supernatural world, unlike all the Netflix shows you people used to see till 2024 in which all the supernatural people or creatures were afraid that the humans couldn’t handle the truth about magic, and whatever else. Instead You humans were superstitious about the supernatural world, but you did handle it better than they had thought I will give you that, but you thought that vampires could be trusted, werewolves were super dangerous, pixies were sunshiny creatures of joy (that is true though) and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff, and THIS is what caused World War 3, (and by the way countries don’t exist anymore, but other languages and thingamajigs still managed to survive.) this was in the 2200s. So after things settled in the early 2310s the two sides came to a truce, since then territories were made, and hence the demons, werewolves, undead, and others thought to be evil, are known as the “outer world” and the rest like, pixies, mermaids, humans, animals, and others thought to be good, are known as the “inner world” and normally, the Earth, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are inner world territory, outer world people are prohibited from entering these atmospheres at all costs.

I was really surprised to see one on Earth the last time this had happened was a whole century ago and it did not end pretty. Therefore, when I saw the demon, I knew it was trouble.

The good thing about Grover slipping was that the spell knocked the demon unconscious and it gave me some time to think what to do. Except that demons recover surprisingly quick and also, I am pretty dumb so all I could think was ‘AAAHHH’.

Before I could call someone or even run away screaming, the demon came back, she looked furious, and I had no idea what to do, Grover was standing beside me and he seemed to be shivering, and he was the only one who could perform a spell to do some sort of damage. I could already hear my obituary ‘Justine McGill died tragically at 13 from a demon window attack.’ Instead the demon just blew something from her hand towards us and a neatly folded paper chip (invented: 3012 by Tanmay Malik it looks like a paper but when you unfold it, it displays 3D content and can be used as an extra storage device) and went away. Weirdly nobody even noticed her.

I unfolded the chip and Grover hurried over to see, it wasn’t even a text it was a video with a blank screen, as soon as I hit play it showed an image of a person I had only seen in my school’s screen books and this small piece of scrunched up paper in the streets once. (how much paper did you early pure humans use?! They are still not even near to being wiped of off Earth and papers have stopped being in use centuries ago)

This person (I wasn’t even certain of its species at the time because I never paid any attention during outer world knowledge in school which I was starting to regret)

I had no idea what he could possibly want to say to me, and why did he have to do it through a paper chip sent by a DEMON?! After the video was over, I looked at Grover and I could tell that he was as horrified as I was right now.

Instead of having a complete meltdown and panicking we decided to gather all the facts, so the mayor of Mars, Sten wanted to change history and go back to the year 2020 and prevent the Corona Virus pandemic (which by the way the lockdown thingy will end in 2021 Jan except the virus will die down in 2024 which is also the year you people will discover the existence of aliens but they take offence to you for calling them that and they already knew about your existence but they didn’t like the atmosphere of Earth but one of them dared the other to take a swing in it and that’s why you will be able to travel interplanetary) because if that had never happened your pollution levels would never have dipped, and that group of kindergarteners in Singapore ( I know the country because I actually paid attention in historic geography as I didn’t want detention that day) would have never discovered a dryad in the year 2025, March (since they are creatures of nature) and that’s also why you had to develop new laws.

He is willing to go through the trouble of all this including time traveling twice himself to make sure you people get the cure before the situation turns into a quarantine, because he doesn’t want the human race discovering supernatural life hence, the outer world wouldn’t need to stay away from their home planet and get to slowly devour the human race themselves, and why did he send this to me? I’ll tell you why, because of my species since I didn’t listen to my mother when she explained how, I am part pixie, part mermaid and part human. So, obviously I had no idea about what the hell he was talking, then naturally, he explained. This time I actually listened.

So evidently, I am the only one in a century (also since the last demon visited the inner world terrain of Earth) who has all- land, water, and air in my very blood, also that my parents knew that having a kid together would be dangerous but they went ahead and had me anyway, I mean can you BELIEVE THEM? I was certainly infuriated with them in that second but I had bigger problems at that moment.

You may be wondering what does that even have to do with the situation at hand and why would he warn me instead of getting it done without anyone noticing, so were we but he answered that question himself, it is because of the parallel universal laws (there are four parallel universes for every universe and both the theories, about parallel universes and multiple universes was proven correct in the year 4205 which was not long ago and the study turned out to have been extremely discernible since, like supernatural life this was also thought to be a mindless theory but turned out to be true all along because all you people would ever believe is your own stupid logic and your own eyes even though some of the “greatest minds” of your time said there are so many things you cannot see or explain but still be true! Without even any realizing that half the things that go on in your own body cannot be explained by your logic. You people could not only not accept each other’s differences like sexuality, race, or even gender expected to prove these things by your brain, which was narrower than graphene.) and like last time when that girl Andrea had something to do with that demon visit, she I just remembered is my aunt that died last week, (I have really got to start paying attention to what my mom says about my family tree and everything else) and I don’t remember what happened but I was definitely, somehow related to the outer world by ancient blood, WHY did humans have to produce mixed species ALL THE TIME? Why couldn’t they be like Grover’s parents who were both from pure magic of the same supernatural race?
I mean I never realized that her name had been there on my recent history (we have a lot of history based subjects) screen books all along even my parents mention her all the time, like -how I have her warm amber eyes, and sharp features, and a lot of other stuff I don’t even remember (though they also say I have my mother’s posture and my dad’s charming playfulness since he is half pixie, the only thing that’s mine is my hair color which no one in my family had- auburn).

Technically, only I have the power, and bloodline required to stop history from changing course, and no one else could do this for me, well that was just great, wasn’t it?

The video was so short and, I had no clue about how things went down last time with Andrea, so me and Grover decided that we needed to go and look for old history screen books because we sure for hell weren’t going to be able to find it online on our own, we needed to go read one in a library- yes, libraries still exist but books made from paper don’t- I couldn’t believe I was going to study recent history on MY BIRTHDAY! That too WILLINGLY!
We’d just come back from the library after reading up on Andrea’s brave contribution to uphold our present (the title of the book). I mean I could never do what she did. I guess I should tell you how she handled the situation, she had travel to Mars (two-hour flight from earth) and use her powers to destroy the OWTTS- Outer World Time Travel System. She could not kill the mayor altogether since the truce had rules to ensure no more wars for the foreseeable future (future travel is banned in both worlds) and not killing the leaders of the worlds was rule no.1, and now I had to do the same thing, but I was definitely taking Grover with me I might’ve needed a warlock.

I was at the Spaceport about to board my rocket, Grover was nowhere to be seen, and my mum kept calling my tasel (not a spelling error- these are wafer thin, phones with a lot of new material that was developed in the year 3787). Everyone had boarded but I could NOT see that stupid Warlock anywhere. He abandoned me!

I was running out of time, so I just thought ‘leave him I have to do this, otherwise I would not get to complain about how horrible my life is ever again!’ that really helped.

Reached. I got off, thank god not a lot of tourists. (yeah, the outer world wanted to keep a tourist spot to show off, and the inner world decided on no tourist spots.) I have never been to Mars and boy, was the ticket expensive, I had to use my entire allowance, now I had to wait another month till, I could afford food that wasn’t flying or floating. (parents)

I walked around for a bit, then I spotted it, a closed place, with big bold letters ‘OWTTS’ at the top. I was able to jump in since I’m part pixie and low gravity. As soon as I landed I was met by a slimy pool instead of solid rock, I realized that this was here to repel anyone who tried coming but since I’m part mermaid I could swim through no problem (pure or half mermaids can’t travel away from the waters they were born in.) I finally reached ground, so I got up and walked inside the place. Time portals were just sitting there unguarded, I knew exactly what I had to do, destroy the thin line connecting them, I needed to combine water, air and land- a biosphere to destroy the means by which they travel through time. Which has none of these elements.

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