The words


Dear sky,
Do you have the story i wrote to you?
In which you were a character too...
And the letter where i drew us two?
I grew up but you didn't
What is the reason i never knew...
Once i realized the night's beauty without you,
Still i think it to be the nicest true.
Do you remember?
My endless cries almost worried you.
The wet pillow was the only clue...
I wrote a story i sent to you,
Did you ever know which character i belonged to?
It's okay if you didn't,
I myself couldn't guess it too...


  • Thank you so much pompy aunty.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thank you upasana baa.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thank you @ sanchita ba and @pallavi ba

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thanks for your those words jay.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Srishti love the flow u let it go….

  • Congratulations. Keep it up.

    Pompy Mahanta
  • Congratulations. Keep it up.

    Pompy Mahanta
  • Congratulations. Keep it up.

    Pompy Mahanta
  • It’s really good Dear,keep it up

    Pallavi Nath
  • Well done sister. I am very proud of you.

    Sanchita Nath
  • My dear girl, no need to say anything. You are always close to my feelings. Thanks for tolerating me till now. Thanks for your lovely words. Thank you.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thank you siddhartha for those inspiring words. I will try to keep it.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thanks lulu my dear. Love you.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thank you mrigakshi baa for your inspiration and support. Love you?

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thanks gauranga for your valuable words.

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Thank you maa

    Sristilekha Nath
  • Congratulations

    Niva nath
  • I always appreciate your thinking.Giving it a shape is not everyone’s cup of tea.
    Hope there will b more.
    Well done girl?

    Jimli Devi
  • Sristi this is amazing. Its so heart touching and it’s really very beautiful. Keep writing and please create more of such mesmerising poems!

    Siddhartha Tamuly
  • Very nice sristy…keep writting..

    luna talukdar
  • You are too good with words… It was amazing… ☺️

  • Wow…. That’s very nice. I am very proud of you my sister.

    Mrigakshi Chakravarty
  • I got the chance to read a good poem after long time.Keep it up and all the best for future.

    Gouranga Nath

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