The White Uniform

Anjaly Menon P V

Ready to perform the task today

Declutter my big wardrobe
Mustered energy set to unleash
"Out out all the clothes!"
Uttered cheer up slogan!

In midst of progress yanking,
Hand got paused, eyes got glued
"What is it?" I wondered
Beneath the clothes,
Wrinkles that made odd
Laid down my white uniform.

The school girl in me jumped out
Took the early flight of memories
Time travelled to good old days
Began to cherish the powerfuff days.

Splashed the water on my friend
On a drenched rainy day
Muddy prints made our day
Chided at home for untidiness
Added to ma's worrisome nightmare
To turn muddy clothes back
into milky uniform again.

Colour code to be followed for
On Nation's Special days.
United and patriotic we were
Sang the national anthem in full spirit
Different tongues with the same heart beats
Amused at the fluttering flag that hoisted,
We tucked the little flag on our uniform
And call it a day on having sweets
Marked it as solidarity.

Exhausted and anxious,  

came me running to home, 
Don't know what to do
Screamed out,"Ma guide me!"
For it was sanguinity line on my white uniform
Perplexed petrified little me!
"Oh my child! You are the pure
Bliss! prepare to be the boldest icon!
I'm becoming the women of tomorrow
Nothing to be afraid of
Consoled ma with confidence
Oh! my white uniform you were
First to find out!

Clicked us all in a Cheesy smile
On a summary farewell day of school
Captioned it as the best photo
Etched on heart as eternal
From the nascent day to grown up day
I was adorned as the best with you

Oh! my Wednesday's outfit!
Detergent's hero,Love of Ujala!
And my favourite companion!
Beautified by the warmth of iron
Stand as fascinating as those memories!


  • Superb
    Keep going

    Rejani Suraj
  • Cheers!!!
    Keep up the show again.

  • Anjaly!!
    Loved it! So detailed and nostalgic. You, my girl, are going places. All my love😘😘❤❤

  • It’s so lovely….you didn’t just wrote a poem but it is a real memorial of every one. Delightful and sweet , genuinely I appreciate your talent. Even I too walked into my good old school days . All the very best wishes to you dear .All the blessings.👍🌷

    Ripsy Pius
  • Beautiful, Anjaly!! ❤️

    Aparna R
  • 👏 5eli

    Vmal vk
  • Soo beautiful!

  • Woahh😍😍😍

    Akshara Edwin
  • Nice work👏👏👏

    Merly K G

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