The Wayfarer

Aishwarya Damaraju

I don't belong to the wild, nor to the flaming mediocrity of modern times,

I sit and rot to rust as the erstwhile, eternal clock of time chimes.

Never have I belonged to a place nor to the destination or the peak.

I belong only to the journey while freedom and solace I seek.

I find myself in stories and tales galore.

I find myself in the infinite sea that finds no shore.

I belong to a land where no man has been,

I belong to the peace that no society has seen.

I belong to the place in between.

I've never known where I was headed, but only the restless spirit of the soul.

I've known the way everything fits together in this world but have never known what it means to be whole.

My heart knows no boundaries yet boundaries surround my being.

I've opened my eyes to the ways of the world yet find no solace in seeing.

I've felt the deepest depths and have hence forgotten to swim ashore,

While I fall harder and harder onto the bottomless floor.

No man on earth speaks my language and can set me free,

A place to call my own, a place where they'd let me be

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