The Warmth of Love

Tarang Garg 

She came with her hair messy,

Wet clothes and lips glossy.

Oh ! She looked so desirable,

White shirt made her breasts visible.

He became restless,

Awestruck he was! Stared at her nipples.

He drew closer and closer,

Kissing her neck and feeling her sensual.

He held each breast in his hand,

Played with her nipples and she flushed.

Fire in his eyes full of lust,

Vibes in her smile making him lecherous.

Removed each other’s  apparel,

Naked together with a feeling of an animal.

Raindrops falling outside,

Passionate love -making inside.

Bit her lips with his , while fingers intertwined.

His fingers through her body unconfined,

Lips, neck , bosom and navel - all in line.


  • Thank you rishika?

  • Hey Tarang
    These words totally got me going in the flow! Ahh-mazing :)

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Amazing ?♥️?


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