The Urban Annihilation

Meghna Majumder 

Depression isn't loud, it is silent and tender
Gravestones of past that I still well remember,
I laugh, I fake
I deal, I take
Sinking in life's quicksand;I'm now my own defender.

My dad abandoned us when I was eleven
My brother is on drugs since our grandma went to heaven,
Flickering faces and everlasting fog
It was another nightmare when I lost my beloved dog
I started failing exams; my worth was proven.

I tried real hard but couldn't find a job
I was losing myself in the sniffles and sobs,
Sleepless nights gazing at the stars above
Then one fine day I fell in love
Few months of joy and she confessed it was me that she wasn't proud of.

Another needle pushed through my soul
Burdened with duties I finally lost control,
I cut myself, played games all day,
Hoping the voices in my head would fade away
I wanted to escape but couldn't find a loophole.

Years have passed and I'm trying to change,
Life is an unknown path and I'm trying to rearrange;
'Cause one tree can start a forest
And one little touch can make you the dearest
In this world's cold steel tank of loss, one life can still make a difference.

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  • This is really beautifully written. #proud_friend!


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