The Twenty's pact!

The twenty's calls are arriving and the year of past is on it’s verge!
While the tricky crafty nineteen turned me sage,
The foolish naïve heart hasn’t still grown!
Dear nineteen, You will see no more dawn
Oh my days of past! How you drenched me with your love shower,
I am great full to You forever!  
A brand new year smiles at me with smiles of grin,
Oh! I have a one whole year to change and win
Yes, i resolved a firm new resolution,
That would surely put in to action!
Unlike all other resolution that ended up in a piece of paper,
In this Twenty, histories will never be repeated ever!
To bring a change that would sweeten all the bitters I carry, I resoluted !
To kill the fear of rejection and dare a try, I resoluted
To say graceful No to everything I never wanted, I resoluted
To let stay love people through all thick and tins, I resoluted
To let go Hate and Hatreds poisoning my soul, I resoluted!
To Go on road trips to rejuvenate the polluted soul, I resoluted
To breath out positivity in between all killing sophistication, I resoluted
To Break open the door slammed at me, I resoluted
To hang on to my own self even when nothing is right, I resoluted
To live a life I’ve always dreamt, I resoluted. 


  • Amazing 😄

    Kshiti Jhala
  • Beautifully penned down…amazing

    Priyanka Shakdwipee
  • this is beautiful message, strong words, great piece!

  • Yes. New year’s resolution where history doesn’t repeat itself . Complete those goals. All the best. Wonderful poem.

    Shwetha Maiya

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