The Tragedy of The Friend-Zoned Mirror

By Anoushka Dasgupta

On some days,
The girl I love
Wakes up like a hurricane,
Slow to start,
But once she picks up pace, 
She is unstoppable.
She is a mess of untameable curls
And a smile so wide
That it makes me melt like chocolate kept out on a sunny day.
On these days, she dances and sings with abandon,
Making everything she touched
Glow like a thousand stars.

On other days,
The girl I love 
Wakes up like a dying star,
Lying in bed, crushed by the weight of her mind,
Which holds her down in a vice.
On these days, she is a supernova
With bursts of energy hoping to create some magic to survive,
But sputtering off in the end.

On both kinds of days,
The girl I love does one thing in common.
She comes to me for validation,
She calls me her best friend, 
The only one who tells her the truth. 
When she looks at me, 
She sees her flaws,
Her uneven skin tone,
The roll of skin around her stomach,
Her wild, untameable hair
The multitude of dark shades cupping her eyes
A map of scars on her wrists when left bare.

But I see a different girl,
A girl with constellations in her eyes,
And the strength of Atlas in her arms
To bear and solve the problems 
Of everyone but her own. 
I see a girl, 
Whose dark circles show her dedication,
And whose curves deserve to be loved 
More than the bones she yearns for.
I see a girl whose scars tell tales
Of terrible lands she had traversed in her mind
And yet, overcome them.

The girl I love, doesn't see herself
The way I do.
She can't see the perfection in her imperfections
And the flame in her eyes. 
The girl I love calls me her best friend
But she doesn't see 
That I'm madly in love with her,
Because the girl I love
Doesn't love the girl she sees in the mirror.


  • This is amazing! Really brings out the fact that sometimes, the one we need to learn to love the most, is ourselves. Really looking forward to more of this

    Sreejon Mazumdar
  • A very well written piece, Keep writing and I know you’ll reach far heights ♥️

  • Really well written, as if unfolding right before your eyes. The description is on point


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