The Torment Inside

Shruti Kalita

There bides a torment inside
Deep and entrenched, doesn’t hint to subside,
The one who seeds it isn’t wise
The one who bears it lingers in disguise.

Pique and fury is its mask
Forbearing don’t divulge until you ask,
No sound of birds chirp or the gaze of the sun
Perhaps it is the end that has begun.

As perceives the misery of the other,
Yet whims to carry and let it suffer.

So pose the stitch one pushes through
Before it gets to a Being new,
Educe your presence to the one you treasure
To relive it to flutter with its feather.


  • I loved how the play of deeply evocative words was yet made to rhyme. To express such matured and meaningful feelings so concisely in a poetry is truly a craft, Shruti, and over and above that, to do it so beautifully is a mastercraft. I look forward to more… take care dear 😊

    Rashmi Narzary
  • Beautifully written and described and expressed with rhythm. Great job.

    Sweat Choudhury
  • Very well articulated.

    Vishwajeet Singh Raghav
  • Brilliant!

    Ifty Sarwar
  • Excellent collision of words that has been beautifully expressed….

    Manjusha Pathak
  • Beautiful!!!

    Priyanka Nath
  • Good to read

    Chitralekha kalita
  • Good to read

    Chitralekha kalita
  • Very well-written !

    Parul sharma
  • Beautifully written. Great work

  • Hauntingly beautiful! Akin to admiring a storm on the horizon as much as the calm after.

  • Wow! That’s so good

  • This is incredible!

    Anima Puri
  • Very nice!


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