The Sunset at Varkala


It was one of the quarantine days during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kerala, that my mother and I decided to visit Varkala cliff. I was so excited about the trip. Though I have visited the place several times with my husband, it was my first time by bus trip to Varkala with my dear mother.

So we caught the bus and I sat at the window seat. It was nice though. It was a hot afternoon and the bus was not thickly crowded. Passengers got their own space with calm and quietness. Even though the road was terrific with traffic, we managed to stay calm inside the bus.

I have even engaged in a nap during the journey. Finally we reached the place by evening. Talking about Varkala, it is one of my favourite spots in south Kerala. Beauty and serenity at its best... The pureness of sea fragrance and calm breeze spread all over the cliff….

I don't know why we went to Varkala at that time.. We have never done such a journey in our lives. But whatever.. We are at Varkala now. We walked through the pathways… The place was not so crowded due to Corona outbreak... The government has given orders to stay safe at home.. But we are wandering.. How ridiculous! 🥴

People are rarely visible in the streets, dusk has arrived with meek darkness. Sun is about to set... Now I realised why we are here at this time. .. My mother wished to see a beautiful sunset at the beach... Yeah! 😄 I am with her to see her dream come true. What a bliss! I am fascinated by the beauty of the sea for a long time.. But this time it was some more special....

We walked along the way to the beach.. Some bottleneck streets were there... "Paaru, don't take that route.. Strangers or robbers will attack us, there might be danger. It is not a safe path.. Let's go along the main way... Come on". It was my mother's advice.

Ultimately we reached our destination. Oh! wow😮. It is really beautiful.. We made it.. Perfect timing to say... The big circle of sun has now gained a spectacular shade of yellow and red. The people from different parts of the world are there to view the legendary sunset. It was serene as well as impressive. The summer heat just eloped with the cool breeze to make us stay some more longer there. What a beauty! Nature at its best. The sea waves rhythmically coming to shore and returning into the deep sea. The diving waves trying to touch the sun... The big circle of fire is calm.. Slowly going down.. Clouds pave way for the sun to reach home. Yes the sun is going down... Darkness withered the sky within short breathings. All the light gathered to a point where humans are unable to view.. Only lights made by humans spread light.. Darkness has arrived.. Night has come.. Yes.. We saw a beautiful end of the day. Is the night mysterious? Are we safe? Thoughts came to my mind within a flash.

Suddenly I woke up... Thank God. It was a dream... What a dream, I loved it. It has been a long time since I have gone out from home. Corona is spreading day by day… People all over the world are fighting to save our lives.. It is necessary to stay home and stay safe...But this dream was an eye opener for me.I cannot visit any places or spend vacation at beaches due to the pandemic, I am stuck at home...eating, sleeping and thinking to stay healthy. I have not seen my parents for more than a month now. So the dream helped me to achieve two of my goals in one attempt. I was with my mother in my dream..and I have gone to Varkala... Wow.. I feel grateful and thankful for this blessed dream. ❤

I feel lucky to be alive.. More to go… Spread happiness and love...prayers for all. Go corona go…

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