Debojyoti Sarkar

Last autumn,
We met at a sleepover,
A friend of my friend she was-
The girl with shining black hair and a Golden Retriever.
At first sight, I fell for her Potter glasses-
Garnering her crescent eyes like a crown.
Her four legged companion helping me to shrug off my primary infatuation,
Sniffing and grunting, desperately trying to pull my trousers down.
A little fear and panic loomed largely all over my face,
She couldn’t help but laugh!
Diligently caressing his golden fur, she said with a smirk-
“With strangers, he is a little rough.”
Later that night,
She chose dare over truth each time,
A few tequila shots down and torn pillows around-
Everyone dozed off paying their tolls for the trivial crime.
A few chimes later,
When everyone else was still sound asleep,
She stirred my pleasant slumber pouring her whisper down my sober ears-
“People say, coffee and conversations post midnight are memories to keep.”
In that one night,
She spoke of her favourite people, places and food!
Her disappointments, ill-traits and her mischiefs-
Start up ideas, ambitions and her mood!
She laughed at how I have waited all my life to witness a shooting star,
Her mellifluous voice added to the entropy of the night-
While I wondered - “Am I swooning too soon?”
“Is it love at first sight?”
Ever since then,
Have I been a little curious about you?
It’s autumn again-
Can I resist my fondness that had for so long wildly grew?
I promise this time –
To play the extrovert for Heaven’s sake
Walk you through my life-
Until your shanks begin to ache.
For I had seen in your eyes-
Tender desires yet to be true!
Oh it’s been a year and I yell, “What keeps you away from me?”
Work schedules or curfew?
In this universe-
Always tending to a state of chaos;
I found your presence so tranquil.
Isn’t it a fortunate serendipity that I came across?
Even if it’s not what people call love-
I hope you would cross my path again by some happy chance-
With tales to tell and new memories to make,
Will the heaven mind if two souls sing along for a dance?


  • I absolutely loved it!! Keep writing such beautiful poems.

    Anuka Basak
  • Keep it up brother !!

    Shankhyadip Roy
  • Thank you so much for getting this published ?


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